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About Malta

Malta is a small island nation and member of the EU since 2004. It is just 121 square miles in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It’s a nation enriched of historic sites due to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British. The name Malta may have come from the Greek word Melite which means sort off… “honey-sweet”!

Imagine that! there is my Raw Honey / Greek connection again.

The island stretches 17 miles across but accumulates a total shoreline of over 168 miles.

With a population of just over 500,000 Malta ranks 174th in the list of countries by population. The country’s capital is Valletta and the official language of the country is Maltese and English. 

Major Pete?

Most recently Malta was given a little extra spotlight here in the US with Major Pete. The major of South Bend Indiana who run a pretty impressive primary campaign as a democratic candidate for the 2020 presidential elections. Buttigieg (pronounced Bood-eh-jedge). Although hard to pronounce and spell for Americans the name actually ranks as the 42nd-most common name in Malta specifically common in Malta’s sister island Gozo. And get this! Another Maltese mayor with the last name Buttigieg is more popular than our own mayor Pete. Paul Buttigieg was elected as mayor of in Qala in May 2019.

Mayor Pete is very proud of his Maltese heritage and referred to it in many occasions during his 2020 presidential campaign.

Back to Malta now…

Ninety percent of the population there is Roman Catholic and the island country has 365 churches to its arsenal.

With Malta being a member of the EU it means the single currency there is the Euro. Several ATM’s and Banks available there for tourists to do their exchange. Rough exchange rate are:  (1 Euro): USD 1.15, GBP 0.75 and AUD 1.55


How is the internet connection there? (Best Malta Internet)

Fast internet connectivity is widely available, either through mobile network data plans or through hotel, restaurant, and cafe WiFi or public WiFi hotspots.

IS the drinking water in Malta safe? (Best Malta Water)

Yes! Tap water is safe for drinking in most areas, however bottled water is preferred by most locals. This is mostly an issue of taste rather than a health concern.

How is Traffic in Malta?

One of the few countries in Europe that they still drive on the left side of the road so if you are renting a car it may take some getting used to this. I my self would stick to the tour buses.

Blue Lagoon in Malta not Iceland

Best Malta… Restaurant

With nearly 2000 reviews on tripadvisor and a perfect 5 star score,Bouquet Garni gets this not as the Best Malta Restaurant.
Featuring a passionate staff focused on the local cuisine which consists of superb seafood choices. Even though to many it may sound gross but Octopus is one of the “must try” options on the menu.

Best Malta… Beach

Malta is of course an island and has some of the cleanest waters in Europe therefore many beach choices to pick from. For this article we are going with The Blue Lagoon not to be confused with the one up in Iceland (also fantastic!).

Its an amazingly scenic inlet very sheltered with crystal clear waters and white sand beaches on either side. A perfect place to spend the day. However it is a pretty popular place.

Comment below for more BEST MALTA suggestions!

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