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My name is Basili (pronounced: va-see-lee). I am a Graphic Designer and Web Developer by trade, but I have become so fascinated with the domain buying/selling industry that decided to join the madness of the domaining world to help support my family and help other in need built their brand. I am based out of Indiana, USA. I do have an international connection since I grew up on a small island in Greece. My family produces olive oil, wine and honey (thus the name “Raw Honey Network“. For more on this click here). My portfolio of domains consists of mostly .COM English word Domains and a few “Greek-lish” ones… The Domain values are based on a combination of things and it does take extensive research. Domain prices change from time to time and are relative to other similar ones sold. Bellow you can read more about the importance of a domain name. To read a little more about me and why this site is called Raw Honey Network click the Raw Honey tab (spoiler: It involves Raw Honey from Greece!).

Domain branding is a crucial gear
in the engine of creating customer loyalty.

Your brand is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors.
Any domain name can represent a simple technical shortcut but a good domain name builds your brand. It says you are forward-thinking and It helps you establish the business identity.
I hope to help you find that domain and add credibility to your brand.

Here at Raw Honey Network you can find a selection of names that are featured in the DOMAIN STORE. A full list can be found in two places. One located on the DIRECT INQUIRIES page, and the second is at the bottom of this page.

Most of my domain names are available to “Buy Now” with a fixed price. That means NO negotiations needed. As soon as the purchase is complete I unlock it and send over the Authorization code. You will see that my pricing is very inexpensive based on comparable domains sold. 

For all other domain names that you are interested in here at the Raw Honey Network please click the “Make Offer” button which will redirect you to the appropriate landing page and initiate the negotiation process. I typically respond within a few hours. Read below a little more on how you can own your next domain for your brand with just a few clicks.

How It Works: 3 Easy Steps to Buy

Agree on the Price

This can be done directly by contacting me here on the Raw Honey Network site or if you are more comfortable by using a more well known third party (DAN.com, Sedo, Bodis, Afternic) that handle the negotiations and transactions. You make and offer for the domain and if it’s reasonable I will most likely accept the offer and proceed. Sometimes we may have to go back and forth a few times until we both agree on the final sell price of the domain. If the domain has the “Buy Now” option with a fixed price then the processes is quicker ans easier since no further negotiations and waiting is needed.

Pay Directly or to Neutral Account

If you are using the “Buy Now” option you will be redirected over to the DAN.com site or Afternic and they make the payment process really fast, easy and safe. With offers, once we have agreed on the final price then you can also use a neutral account provided by DAN.com/Sedo/Bodis/Afternic. This is to guarantee more safety during the transaction for both sides. Depending on the agreed price the money goes into an escrow account until the domain transfer is completed. Most buyers prefer to go through these known names in the domain world for the added security because only when the ownership of the domain is passed on from me to you is when I officially receive the payment.


Standby for  the  transfer service

The specialists from SEDO, BODIS, DAN.com, or Afternic will help with the transfer as quickly as possible to your registrar account. This typically means I would unlock the domain and provide an authorization code that you would then enter to your registrar when requesting making the request. Once you ave verified ownership of your new domain name then the transaction is completed.


The Importance of the Domain Name

On a fundamental level, domain names are so important because the way the internet works with its addressing scheme is not very effective without them.

So whether you own a business already or you are trying to build on an idea you have for a startup, you need a strong online presence.

It would be foolish to say that a person interested in a product these days goes to the store first without doing his own research online. It just doesn’t work like the old days anymore where the sales guy help all the information and the customer relied on him to inform him about the product. Because of the internet we have some much information available to us making it a wise thing to research what we are looking for. When a potential customer comes to your store to buy no matter what that is he is already prepared and has a pretty solid idea of what he wants. Taking that into consideration think of your brand, your domain name, and your website. You should have a domain and website that fits well with your brand identity and your product. If it is reasonably easy to get to your site and navigate through it, then that enhances your chances of gaining a sale in the future because of that.

A lasting brand image with the right domain name can be the difference between success and failure. With the constant evolution of the web customers are gearing towards online shopping more than ever. This has radicalized everything about marketing.  The dynamics of it have drastically changed because  and this is why I created the Raw Honey Network to offer information on the process and hopefully be able to help you find the next .COM for your brand.

How to create a domain name.

Anyone can buy a web domain name from the over 900 registrars out there (GoDaddy, Domain.com, bluehost, namecheap to name a few). All you need to do is go onto one of these sites type in the name you want to buy and check if the domain is available. You can’t just buy any domain name you want since many of them are already registered to someone else either to a business or to an individual person.

Most of these sites will give you a domain names list that are available based on the keywords you typed in. If your domain happens to be available you are in luck because then you are just a couple of clicks away from owning it. The domain name cost is typically between $10-15 annually to purchase and hold the domain. Some registrars will run special promotions and with those you can buy domains as low as .99 cents!

What happens if the domain is not available?

If the name you want is already owned by someone else and being used then you would need to find something else or similar to your original domain name idea.  However a majority of these domains are purchased and held then resold (as in this site) which in that case you can contact the owner directly or through the domain name service (registar) and make an offer.  It is also possible that it may already be listed with a premium price so it is up to you to decide how much this domain is worth to you and the future of your brand. You need to think of it as an investment.

This analogy may not make much sense at the moment but maybe once the process is all over it will all come together.

Raw honey is best described as honey “as it exists in the beehive”. Raw honey is so sweet and tasty and full of nutritional benefits!

Let’s find your domain straight off the domaing hive and raw then let your Brand turn it into a short and catchy name that is easy for people to remember and easy to type into their browser. Something sweet and tasty for all surfers of the web to enjoy… Okay maybe this analogy needs a little more work. I will have to come back to that. If you read this far then you are just a few scroll away from the full list! Go ahead have a look see if you see something that makes a BUZZ!

July 2020 List of Names

Domain Names For SaleOptions
9ora.comMake Offer
AdultVideoRentals.comBuy Now!
AirMater.comPlace Bid!
aitechnologycompanies.comBuy Now!
akauma.comMake Offer
AnimalDogma.comBuy Now!
BeefStu.comBuy Now!
BeeHits.comMake Offer
BeeJokes.comMake Offer
BeekBeek.comBuy Now!
BeeMeed.comMake Offer
BeerFunny.comMake Offer
BeerToast.comMake Offer
BeesDay.comMake Offer
BestArtificialintelligence.comBuy Now!
BestHVACcompanies.comBuy Now!
BikeSick.comMake Offer
BusyBeeHosting.comMake Offer
BuyLeaseProperty.comMake Offer
call.travelMake Offer
ClipCaps.comBuy Now!
cnc.helpBuy Now!
CupHoney.comMake Offer
DiadiktioPragmaton.comMake Offer
DollyBee.comMake Offer
DomRentals.comMake Offer
DrainMyBrain.comBuy Now!
eklisia.comMake Offer
ENIKIAZETE.comMake Offer
fanukAI.comBuy Now!
fanukAutomation.comMake Offer
FINDeBike.comMake Offer
FishCats.comBuy Now!
frienemis.comBuy Now!
GAZORCO.comMake Offer
GettingADegree.comMake Offer
gleeboo.comMake Offer
HardingeAutomation.comBuy Now!
HeatingIT.comBuy Now!
HellenicSpa.comBuy Now!
Hellinism.comMake Offer
HighEfficiencySolarPanels.comBuy Now!
HoneyAuction.comMake Offer
HoneyDumplings.comMake Offer
honeyexporter.comMake Offer
HoneyMalt.comMake Offer
HoneyPole.comMake Offer
HubspotAlternatives.comMake Offer
HubspotAutomation.comMake Offer
HVACfieldservice.comBuy Now!
iJustLearnedAbout.comMake Offer
IndianaMarketplace.comBuy Now!
IndianapolisClassic.comBuy Now!
IndianapolisPhoto.comBuy Now!
IndustrialMachineSolutions.comBuy Now!
IPAale.comMake Offer
JamesHoney.comMake Offer
JustLearnedAbout.comBuy Now!
KinoMove.comMake Offer
LatestAITechnology.comBuy Now!
LoanEmu.comMake Offer
LowestPricedCondos.comBuy Now!
machine.helpBuy Now!
MakeAGadget.comMake Offer
mazakAutomation.comMake Offer
melissamou.comMake Offer
molamora.comMake Offer
mopego.comMake Offer
need.travelMake Offer
needto.helpBuy Now!
noimosini.coMake Offer
noimosini.comMake Offer
noimosini.usMake Offer
NordicIntellect.comMake Offer
rabBees.comMake Offer
RemainSolution.comMake Offer
sacMOTOR.comBuy Now!
sarapara.comBuy Now!
ScrappMetal.comBuy Now!
serp.helpBuy Now!
sfedona.comBuy Now!
shystudent.comBuy Now!
silacinc.comMake Offer
SinglesWithDogs.comBuy Now!
SocialZoon.comBuy Now!
SolaResolutions.comMake Offer
SunPropertyRentals.comBuy Now!
TechSoftwareOnline.comMake Offer
TechURI.comBuy Now!
TechyPress.comBuy Now!
TexnitiNoimosini.comMake Offer
TheIntellectualSolutions.comMake Offer
ToonsAI.comBuy Now!
topamostrasgratis.comMake Offer
TornosCNC.comBuy Now!
TrackABee.comMake Offer
trasvase.comMake Offer
TunesAI.comBuy Now!
want.helpBuy Now!
ways.travelBuy Now!
WedReel.comBuy Now!
WhisperWebsite.comMake Offer
WindPowerEfficiency.comMake Offer
YourDogma.comMake Offer
Ziliaris.comMake Offer

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