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Bees of all types – there are hundreds of them – play a huge role in the life of the countryside and a third of what we eat is reliant on bee pollination. Studying the behavior of these complex insects is crucial to finding out what is happening but it is also a big challenge.


  • A tiny antenna is glued to the thorax of the insect
  • A radar transmitter emits a signal
  • A diode in the center of the antenna converts it into a unique signal that researchers can track
  • A honey bee can visit several thousand flowers in one day and navigate over several kilometres, so how do you track one?

Scientists are using harmonic radar technology. A radar transmitter emits a signal which is received by a tiny antenna glued on a honey bee’s thorax (back). A small diode in the center of the antenna converts it into a different wavelength that can be detected and followed.

Please read the full article posted by Denise Winterman of BBC Magazine


Bees are responsible for pollinating 30 per cent of the world’s fruit and vegetables. With bee populations declining at an alarming rate, Australia’s CSIRO has created a unique method for tracking bee movements to try and discover the reason for CCD or Colony Collapse Disorder….

Watch this video explaining how

Another video here from 2018 showing  a new tracking system could show how pesticides are harming bee colonies.

People that are trying to help!

The Bee Informed Partnership is dedicated to working with beekeepers to improve colony health and increase colony survivorship. We provide relevant, timely data that helps beekeepers make informed management decisions. Beekeepers of all sides of the industry, from large scale to small scale benefit from our work.

The Bee Informed Partnership provides many important services to beekeepers, researchers, and the general public. This site is a platform for publishing useful tools that are open and free for all to use.

Here is a link to the 2018/19 Total Winter All Colony Loss Data

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