HoneyPOLE.com - Pole dancing Studio

This domain is for sale. Honey or Pole Dancing? Why not both!

If you are a Honey business or Pole Dancing business (or both) this domain is the perfect fit for you. To acquire more information and make an offer to buy this domain contact me directly at RawHoneyImports@gmail.com

This domain can be used in a couple of different ways.

Domain Facts:

  • So technically we have two keywords: Honey and Pole. Making a nice catchy 2 word domain under 10 characters (hard to come by these days).
  • Honey gets over 90,000 monthly searches in the USA alone.
  • Pole gets about 5000 its more of a niche…

Use #1 Example

Ok the first obvious target falls with the “Honey” parts in its actually meaning. If you are into the honey making and or selling business then this can make a nice business name or at the very least used as a campaign for your existing business. For example an idea is you hang your honey product from a pole and advertise it that way. Could make a cool logo too! (examples coming soon).

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Use #2 Example

Now this domains is also perfect for a very niche market and is guaranteed to grab all the traffic for a business that does this.

“Honey” has a meaning when it comes to love too! a husband and wife typically call each other “honey” right?

Pole dancing has also become quite popular and I have heard and read articles and posts about how some wives take poll dancing classes/lessons to perform as an anniversary gift or some sort or just to spice up the relationship.

According to Wikipedia

Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics centered on a vertical pole. This performance art form takes place not only in gentleman’s clubs as erotic dance, but has also recently gained popularity as a mainstream form of fitness, practiced by many enthusiasts in gyms and in dedicated dance studios.

Nice! So if you are a business that offers classes for pole dancing the domain name HoneyPole.com then makes a ton of sense doesn’t it?

Here are 3 reasons why Pole Dancing is empowering to women:

  1. Pole dancing is great for body image and makes being strong cool.
  2. Pole dancing is not only for strip clubs. It’s not just about being sexy.
  3. It helps women build strong friendships.

So if you are the owner or about to start a business where you run a Dance Studio or something that offers “Pole Dancing” and you are targeting female clients then this domain is a great catch to generate new online treats… or create a BUZZ!!.. (ha.. because of the honey).

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