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Honey Malt - A specialty type of beer

Honey malt… what combination this is!

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It’s the perfect name to market your specialty beer. It is an are to combine Honey and malt together. In general beer is brewed from malted barley. Both lagers and ales can be brewed with honey. This takes a lot of experimentation on the part of the brewer because just tossing a bunch of honey into any old beer doesn’t create anything to be excited about. Honey in beer requires delicate and thoughtful infusion in a wild ale or farmhouse ale or even a traditional lager capitulates exceptional results.

In Europe honey malt is known as “Brühmalz”.

So what does “Malt” or “Malty” mean?

It’s a type of beer that has a very intense malty sweetness to it.

Malt is germinated cereal grain that has been dried in a process known as “malting”. The grain is made to germinate by soaking in water and is then halted from germinating further by drying with hot air.


Malt is a general term used as an abbreviation in most cases for all things things associated with maltose and malted barley. These are common terms we now frequently see in microbrewery drink menus.

Where you can find some honey flavored beers:

Here are the top “Honey Beers” on the popular Beer tapping app UNTAPPED

Finally for the micro-brewers out there experimenting and wanting to create a tasty ale like this there is a company in Canada that sells Honey Malt.
The Malting company is called Gambrinus and the product is:

Gambrinus Honey Malt

You can see the malt info ans well as order it here.

Once a again a reminder that this domain name is up for grabs. Contact me directly if you are interested in purchasing HoneyMalt.com

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