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Solar is anything relating to or determined by the sun and most commonly known as using the energy from the sun to produce electric power.
Solar Power and Solar Energy by many are considered to be the same thing but in actuality they are not. The George Washington University Solar Institute explains it this way:
“Solar energy systems refer to any technology that converts the sun’s energy into another form of energy, such as heat or electricity. Solar power is a subset of solar energy, a more narrow term that typically refers to the conversion of the sun’s rays to electricity.”

Sun RaysWhy is solar energy good?

Solar energy is a good alternative to replace fossil fuel as the major energy source because solar power is renewable at absolutely no cost to supply energy infinitely.
So the future of “Solar” is bright and hopeful.

Did you know?

The Sun emits enough power onto Earth each second to satisfy the entire human energy demand for over two hours!
Currently there are two widely recognized platforms of technology. One is converting solar energy into electricity (PV) and the other is concentrated solar power (CSP) or also called solar thermal. It is predicted that these two classes will dominate the solar powered domain for the next 30 years. Today the solar industry stands on a relatively small scale but going forward it is expected to revolutionize how things work in such a way that it’s nearly impossible to predict exactly how this will impact our lives in the near future. Scientists and scholars are having a tough time forecasting the possibilities and abilities because of this as well as not being able to predict future market conditions and public policies including ones related to climate change.

Time for a Kudos … you may also know it as Cudos!

Here’s yet another Greek word, used frequently in English today, taken from ancient Greek: Kudos ((κῦδος –  kudos), meaning praise and honor received for an achievement.
KudosGiving out Kudos to start up companies like NovoMoto  who are doing extraordinary things by providing electricity to millions of homes.
They saw a problem and a need and created a product that gives millions of people in need a resolution. A Solar Resolution.
Help them bring more electricity to Congo by investing with there here: Crowdfunding Campaign

Keyword: Resolution a firm decision to do or not to do something. Also the quality of being determined or resolute.

Think of the impact of this along with solar energy…. which brings us to “Solar Resolutions” It is exciting to think of all the possibilities that come with this idea. I am hopeful that this renewable source will help many people around the world.
Invest in the future of solar power.
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