A little bit about me… the seller (Basili pronounced va-see-lee) & why it’s Raw Honey Network.

First of all let me assure you that I am a person! Not a bot or a scammer. I am a single father of two based in Indiana, U.S.A. I have worked as a graphic designer and marketer for over 15 years now.

I have always been fascinated with domain names and how they work. It is our online identity. Something we own that can defines us digitally. I have worked on domains since I was able to get my hands on a computer, later than others, when I moved to the United States in 1998. I decided to becomes a domain investor maybe a little late in the game, but with all of the years of experience I have in web development I figured that this could be a good fit for me. Something I would enjoy doing and at the same time being able to help others (the end users) find their own brand and online identity.  I wanted to find a way to support my two young boys and it felt that this was a good way for me to do so.


I mentioned above that I moved to the United States. You see I was born in Indiana but I was raised in Greece. I spent 15 of my first 17 years on a small Greek island isolated from many things but at the same time I had the privilege of growing up in a beautiful landscape, a different world, more mellow, relaxed and maybe at the time less dangerous. My family makes a living there as small farmers producing olive oil, wine off the land of their ancestors passed on to them for several generations. Besides cultivating the olive groves and grape vines, our island is know for its honey. In honor of the beekeepers and the honey they produce ( more on this here ) I decided to name by business “Raw Honey Network”. I may be a bit bias on my opinion on this but there is some data to support it when I say that the Greek honeybees and their hard working beekeepers produce the best “Raw” Honey in the world. Simply put our honey (Greek honey) is thought to be so good all around the globe due to the plethora of sunny days especially in the summer, but not just that. In addition the countryside offers a diverse ecosystem  and a rich variety of  flora. Over 5,000 different species with loyalty within the Greek borders. So in honor of that I created my brand. The Raw Honey Network. Yes It is about domain sales but it supports all things bees & honey. The importance of the bee is not talked about enough. A portion of  the proceeds of sales from my site does go back to support the farmers back on on a small Greek island over 5000 miles away. Future hopes include supporting local beekeepers and their products here and offering exclusive deals on all things domains, graphic design services, and marketing.

My portfolio of domains consists of mostly .COM English word and a few Greek-lish domain names too. The prices you see are based on a combination of things and extensive research. Domain estimates sites like EstiBot can give you a  basic gauge on things, but in this market it is always relative to who, what, and where you are selling to. Many domains have great potential and others may end up being lost in the great abyss of the domaining world.

In 2010 the domain CarInsurance.com sold for $49.7 million !!!

The domain name DomainName.com sold for $1 million in 2011. Now of course we know all these magic one word domains are all taken but you would be surprised how many 3 and 4 word domains are still out there and how much they also are worth… freecreditreport.co.uk sold for $300,000 in 2008.

I recall my self fifteen years ago in college sitting around coming up with domains names just like these and how “catchy” they were but it never occurred to me back then that maybe I should go ahead and buy the darn thing. My goodness!

Luckily there are many good ones out there. You just need to look at the right places.

My prices are negotiable as long as they are reasonable. I use the DAN.com services for most of my domain transactions to make the experience quicker and easier for you but if you know what you want and you want it fast you can purchase directly from here on my site.

I love the research part of this business and the satisfaction of finding that one next great domain name.

I am also happy to help you with any Graphic Design Services you may need with or without purchasing a domain. If you need a logo or website to go with your domain once again please contact me directly and we can go over some options for you.

I appreciate you visiting my site.

A little about DAN.com.

Dan.com is where you will most likely find most of my domains with the “Buy Now” option. I choose their service specifically because they do a very good job between the change of ownership of a domain with great customer service which makes it all so much easier and faster. DAN.com is ranks fifth overall in the online marketplace but is also ranked first as for their domain marketplace.

A little about Sedo.

Sedo is the largest domain selling platform in the world with nearly twenty million domains listed and over two million customers. Their marketplace platform is convenient for searching and offers domain parking services as well as domain appraisals. Most importantly they are there as the trusted middle person for the seller and buyer to make the transfer easier for both parties.

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